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The Project



"Óró" is an ambitious artistic and social project at the crossroads of the African, the European and the North Americans continents. 


It brings together more than 30 young and talented dancers around the making of a performance, advocating as a link between the youth of multiple social backgrounds: young adults who have a political life (activists, militants, project-bearers), those who have an artistic life (up-and-coming dancers) and those whose social life has been disturbed (a difficult upbringing).


For Khoudia, "Óró" also means the urgency to promote her native country, Senegal, as a place of creation, and to engage talented young dancers in a dynamic which allows them to express themselves on stage and to meet their peers in other countries. 

The creation offers to participating dancers the opportunity to nurture their experience through artistic residencies, to develop real artistic skills, and to immerse themselves in the realities of jobs in the performing arts, unknown to some. More than 6 residencies took place in Senegal, in Dakar, Saint-Louis and Gandiole, hosted in dance studios, cultural centers, and community spaces; they are followed by public openings, creating meetings and interactions with the inhabitants of the territories and spaces Óró is presented in. 

Through this inclusive process, Óró offers to this new generation of artists a space for discussion, experimentation, debate, passing on, and contribution to the common project of "Building together".

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